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vrijdag 27 mei 2016


Well it was a hard pick. A stroller for our babygirl. Just to get inspired I took a good friend/ a momy to the store to give me some advice. At first I fell in love with the Joolz strollers. Very pretty and comfortable. I've tried a lot more but could not find what I liked. At first I did not even look at the Stokke strollers because of the prices. A bit overdone if you ask us.
A few weeks later me and my boyfriend got to the Prenatal store to check out the strollers together.
We fell in love with this one! There was a special sale price so this one so that made us very happy and we decided to go for this Stokke Xplory. Very good quality and the best when it comes to tall people (like us).
Also very solid and perfect for a random day in Amsterdam (think about trams etc).

A lot of testing! Doesn't he look's good like this? 

If you also have good experiences with Stokke let me know!

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woensdag 25 mei 2016


1 Sky high
 I love, love , love it. I use this one for years. It just does the job! My lashes are already curly so I don't need more of that. Just length and thickening. Never disapointing and even when I am testing other ones (high-end) I always come back to this one.
2: The price
The price is seriously so low that I always have two back-ups in my stash.
And they even have sale on it. two for €5. Yeah really!
3: Availability.
In every drugstore were they sell NYC. I have the luck that I live above a big Kruidvat store so it's that easy for me to pick a new one up.

The rest on the face is most of all the pregnancy-glow there talking about ;)

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maandag 23 mei 2016


Shopping for this little girl that is not even here yet! It's so much fun to do and it's hard to calm myself. I haven't photographed all the stuff I have but the biggest pard I did. I thought it would be fun to give you a small impression. Included with some tips!
 Zara mini. Most of all the clothes you see is from Zara. There is so much cute stuff and so trendy.
This cute little pants with Panda bears I've ordered it at and it's from the brand Dotz and Co. It's hand made! 
I also ordered the white blouse with dots. So classy in combination with this powder pink cardigan.
From the same order at Little Moose and this blouse is from the brand Babidu and comes from Valencia.
 I've showed you these cute shoes from So happy with these! Powder as the main color for our babygirl. We combine that with mint and neutral colors.
 Unisex because the first 4 months I didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. I like it for both! 

Last but not least. Little indians! I have a few clothes now (also the grey pants behind the sweater).
The brand started only a few years a go but already a big hype! What do you think about this?A very girly but also cool sweater. 

We will be in Barcelona, Ibiza an Italy the next few months so I hope to shop so more there. We also were given some stuff from friends and family.

Please tell me if you have any shopping tips!

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vrijdag 20 mei 2016


 A new color which is perfect for this spring time! Kure Bazaar is one of my favorites. The qualitiy is very good and the colors are always very gorgeous.
This color is called "Vinyle"and it's kind of red but  also a bit pink in some way.

Kure Bazaar "The Good Nail Philosophy": healthier nails in color, day after day - through the course of fashion & the seasons...Inspired by the street and derived from elements of nature, Kure Bazaar’s colors mark their own unique style. Finally a polish that's Eco-Trendy!

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woensdag 18 mei 2016


She always knows how to create such a simple look, just perfect!

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