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zondag 26 juni 2016


I went wild at Sephora, I know. I don't shop a lot for make-up so now it was time to buy myself some new favorites. I had a wishlist and came home with some extra's.
What did I bought?

Guerlain Teracotta 4 seasons #05 Moyen -Brunettes
You can try every single bronzer in the world.. but the best ever made are the Teracotta bronzers from Guerlain. It is very pricy but so worth the money! 

Bare Minerals finishing powder mineral veil
I was so curious because I've heard so much positive reactions on this band that I had to try it.
The reviews are always positive and I must say I am also very pleased by the effect!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer caramel
Perfect! Not only for the eyes but also for little imperfections or redness.

Dior Lip Glow
An impulsive buy and not so much worth the money if you ask me.. 
It's one of their bestsellers but for me nothing more than a very expensive lipbalm.

Bumble and Bumble shampoo travel size
with special oil to keep the hair soft and moisturized.
I'm going to take this with me to Ibiza.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
Finally! Do you know how many Sephora stores I went in to (even in Paris..) to find this eyeliner?
I think every beautyblogger rates about this eyeliner. So I was so excited to try it!
(And I can say I am very enthusiastic)

Urban Decay potion primer travel size
My all-time favorite. This size is a little bit smaller than the original so perfect to take away when traveling.

Hair pins
To pin up my braids! 

Face masks Tony Moly I'm Real: 
I've bought 3 in total. The Avocado nutrition one, the moisturizing one and the clear skin one.
They were very cheap and I love sheet masks!

Sephora Brand what I've bought the next day

Pro brush (for highlighter)
I was searching for this one for a while! 

Nail polish: Sweet summer tan
Always good to have some nudes. I have a few other nudes from Sephora in my stash and I really like them.

Creamy lipstick: #R17
It's quit a dupe to my all-time favorite MAC hot gossip.
Great pigment

So that was it girls! Quit a batch right?

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vrijdag 24 juni 2016


I've recently went to Barcelona and I had so much fun there. Relaxing, shopping, going out for dinner.. all that kinds of stuff! I thought it would be fun to do a look of the day.
The dress is from Vila (Bestseller) and the flowery hair ribbon is from Primark.

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woensdag 22 juni 2016


Turn ordinary lashes into knockout lashes: lifted, separated and fanned out for maximum lash impact.
I recently receive this mascara from Estee Lauder called the "Sumptuous knockout".
I normally use a big brush for the lashes so I was very curious what this would do to my lashes.
And I must say.. a lot more separately lashes! For the volume I still have to you an other one on top.
But no other one gives me this effect of having so many lashes.

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maandag 20 juni 2016


Before I was using this creme myself I've heard many positive reactions on this product.
I am talking about the Sisley Emulsion ecologique.

Ecological Compound is an essential revitalizing and hydrating skincare product. Formulated with a synergistic compound of plants (centella asiatica, ginseng, rosemary, hops, and horsetail) selected for their stimulating and revitalizing actions, its composition hydrates the epidermis, and restores comfort and radiance. It also helps skin fight environmental stress (pollution, cigarette smoke etc) and restores the skin to a more toned, supple state enabling it to get maximum benefit from future treatments. Its fluid, non-greasy texture leaves skin with a matte appearance.

Active ingredients: 

Ginseng: revitalizes
Rosemary: tones, stimulates
Hops: stimulates
Horsetail: remineralizes, tones
Centella Asiatica: regenerates and revitalizes

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vrijdag 17 juni 2016


So inspirational this Instagram account from Silvia called Bartabacmode.
A stylish Spanish girl that always know how to dress herself and get the best outfit shots.
Love it! 
Now I feel extra motivated to look fashionable and shop some exclusive items when I am in Barcelona and Ibiza.
Did you know her Intagram account?

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