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zaterdag 25 december 2010

Merry Christmas

donderdag 23 december 2010

New: Louis Vuitton poche toilette 15

New: Chanel boucles oreilles

Shopping in Amsterdam

zondag 19 december 2010

new in

New in

snowwhite and redlips

dinsdag 14 december 2010


maandag 13 december 2010


zondag 12 december 2010



Hometown Groningen

Love to spend my weekend in my home town Groningen!

zaterdag 11 december 2010



donderdag 9 december 2010

Christmas here we come

maandag 6 december 2010

Sienna miller's red lips

donderdag 2 december 2010

Evening items

some hot stuff

New hairproducts

Today I've ordered some new products for my hair..
Becouse I blow dry,straight and curly my hair alot, I need a good hair care.
And sometimes you just want to try some new things..;)

zaterdag 27 november 2010

favourite nail polish

Chanel: 537riviera-489rose insolent-217splendeur-203 miami peach- 307orange fizz
O.P.I.: elephantastic pink- firered-you're such a kabuki queen
Christian Dior: 483

donderdag 25 november 2010

Cobalt blue

maandag 22 november 2010

Love the look

zondag 21 november 2010

Look of the day

Blouse: Zara, Bag: Louis Vuitton, watch: Michael Kors

zaterdag 20 november 2010

Skin cosmetics


New Fashionbooks

Sabon is... love

At Sabon I found a handcreme and douche oil in my favo voilet line.
I'm in love ... with Sabon i guess!

A lovely lunch @ Popov Amstelveen

Today we went shopping in Amstelveen.
After a while we were hungry so we went to Popov.
It was so nice... and so mutch!

vrijdag 19 november 2010

On my wish list: Golden leaf nail polish by Rococo nail apparel


donderdag 18 november 2010

Miranda Kerr pregnant on Vogue cover

Pregnant en still such a beauty!! She is shining

dinsdag 16 november 2010

Blouses with bow

maandag 15 november 2010

LBD Olivia Palermo ( get this look)

zondag 14 november 2010

Fall favorites

woensdag 10 november 2010

While i'm blogging