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zondag 16 september 2012

Inspiration: Planet Blue "Tropical Squeeze"

Planet Blue "Tropical Squeeze" 

 What a natural beauty, I love her freckles! I like the style of the photo shoot.  The model is not 'posing' too much which make it so recognizable and natural.
Girly and fun if you ask me!

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. I agree, the model looks so naturally cool here.. These photos make me wish summer could stay a bit longer! xx

  2. Gorgeous photos, love the whole vibe.
    Really makes me longing for summer! The model looks so pretty.

    LOVE BO,

  3. Love this editorial!

  4. Nice pictures!

    Misschien vind je het leuk om elkaar te volgen? Wij volgen jou al!

  5. Lovely post! Your blog is interesting!

  6. Lovely post and nice pictures!

  7. yeah i prefer this style of photography.. it's so much more natural and how beautiful is the blue sky! ;)

    steph /