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woensdag 24 oktober 2012

My fall mushaves

1: Nude lipgloss 2: A leather jacket 3: My absolute number one beauty addiction: Urban Decay's NAKED palette 4: Bronzer that I use as foundation 5: Golden nail polish 6: I would love to have a hat like this! 7: This scull bracelet.. so stylish. 8: Studded biker-boots, an absolute must have this season 9: A nice scarf that will keep me warm when it's cold outside. 10: A cognac colored bag.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel mooi gemaakt en leuke musthaves ;)

  2. Love the hat!!!!


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  3. Lovely selection!
    Have a nice day...

    And maybe we can follow each others, let me know if u want!

  4. that jacket is great!


  5. I pretty much want EVERY single thing on your list especially that jacket & nail polish!

    PS I think you blog is lovely would youlike to follow each other?


  6. De armband is leuk hè!
    Ik heb hem zelf hier gekocht

    De laarzen zijn ook gaaf.

    XO Arezu