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zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

New in: Qiriness travel-size kit

Qiriness is a high-end brand that you can compare to Chanel. I've heard such a positive reactions about this brand so I decided to try a few products. Good for me I found a travel-size kit. Enough to try the products for a while. 

Day creme, night creme (that can also be used as a face mask), tonic and cleanser.
At my vacation I've tried it for 10 days and I must say I love it. It smells so good to!
I'm still using some things now.. because there not empty (not even half way)
Are u familiar with Qiriness?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I didn't know the brand, I'm curious how it turns out to be!

    LOVE BO,