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vrijdag 19 april 2013

New in: NARS and Real Techniques

 Some of you might have seen a few pictures on my Instagram yet! A few weeks ago I've placed an order on

NARS make-up was on my wish-list like forever! Too bad that we can't buy it here in the Netherlands. It's also very hard to find a website who is sending NARS to The Netherlands. offers NARS but just not send it to here.. I was so happy when a lady told me that I could but it at The best of all: You don't need a credit card! You can pay with IdeAl.
Oh and: free delivery .. worldwide!

OK my first choice was the Albatross highlighter from NARS. When I was placing the order it turned to be sold out! A few days later it still was so I decided to go for one of their famous blushes.
After searching for swatches over the internet I thought that "Dolce Vita" would be the best choice for my skin-tone. I also heard everyone all over the world so enthusiastic about the Real Technique brushes so I picked one to try first. The Blush brush!
 I love that the brush is pink! It's so soft and does what he has to do. I would like to buy a few more of the collection.
Swatches. I made a good decicion! The Dolce Vita fits so well on my skin-tone.
 Very natural, healthy looking. I will make a look with this soon so you can see that it looks like on me.
The box. Soooo I saw on the website that the Albatross highlighter is in stock again :):)
 I think I will place an order soon. Maybe a new brush too. It took like a week and a half until it arrived home. What do you ladies think about my new make-up?!

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wat leuk! Ik ga gelijk even kijken.. ik wil de Albatross highlighter ook al heel lang.. en ben nog steeds erg benieuwd naar de real techniques brushes... X

  2. Geweldige aankopen ik ben ook super benieuwd naar de albatros highlighter :). X

  3. Wauw, mooie producten! Die kwast lijkt me erg fijn. Liefs!