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zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Opening Urban outfitters Amsterdam

Amsterdam finally has a Urban Outfitters! Located in "The Kalverstraat"  It was about time right?
If I wanted to go to Urban outfitters I went to Antwerp but I don't go there much often.
Amsterdam needed a store like this. I was there for the opening last week!
A beautiful store with real treasures. There was food, drinks, candy!! And a nail artist too. My roomy/ photographer  Kyra went with me. The best of all.. we could choose a gift! (Thanks UO!!) I went for a dark green coat for the winter. I also did some shopping of course :) A bag, nail polish and a necklace.
Here are the pictures to give u an impression!

Did you visit the Urban outfitters store in Amsterdam yet?!

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Te gek! Ik moet maar snel naar Amsterdam om een dagje te shoppen geloof ik!

  2. Wat een te gekke jas en winkel ik moet er snel heen!;)