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donderdag 28 november 2013

The Body Shop 4-step smoky eyes "Smoky prune" + look

 When I've reveived this beautiful set from The Body Shop I got enthousiastic right away. I normally go for brown colors but the prune trend is up for a while now so this was the perfect opportunity to find out how it would suit me.
It comes in a box with 4 colors and 2 little brushes. The eyepencil doesn't come in the 4-step smoky eyes pack.

 The pigment is really good.
 This is the result, what do you think?!
Special edition 4-step smoky eye palette plum €25,-
Carbon eye definer plum €8,50
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dinsdag 26 november 2013

Life in instagram

What was I up to the last week?!
1:A cold day with lots of sun! 2 Done some shopping, I've heard such a great things about this magical soap from Gamila Secret. Review comming soon :) 3: HMMMMM macaron time.

4: I need this in my life! The new Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette. 5: Selfie with macarons. 6: Really? really! Sundaynight, bubblebath, a new season of Awkward and wine :) Anddd ofcourse the best luxurious beautyproducts.
7: A delicious cupcake 8: New Moroccanoil products! LOVE it. 9:Another selfie in the city, my hometown Groningen! I had a long weekend at my parents. I saw my family and friends.
10: Me and a friend has made the best buritto's!  11: I am in DESPERED need of the body line from Moroccanoil. Not yet in Holland :( 12: My new Tablet! Finally got myself one.
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zondag 24 november 2013

New in: MAC mineralize blush "LOVE JOY"

First, I never really understood the hype around the mineralize blushes from MAC. When you first see them you see a lot of shimmering. I like blushes to be more natural.
I was in the MAC store and I was looking for a new blush. I saw this one and I thought.. lets just give it a try and check how the pigment is. OMG I fell in love.. end of story? I wear this blush everyday!
I Love joy :)
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vrijdag 22 november 2013

New in: Dior "Charm" lip gloss

"Charm" Well.. I definitely fell for his Charm :) Meet my new daily nude/pink lipgloss!
As you all know I'm a big fan of the Sisley Phyto lip glosses but this one comes so close! Will definitely buy this one again when it finishes.

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woensdag 20 november 2013

White Musk Smoky Rose

The Body Shop has launched this new mysterious eau de toilette. I really like it!

A daring and mysterious fragrance in a light eau de toilette, featuring an intoxicating blend of cruelty-free musk with notes of black smoky rose and tobacco flower.
Seductive floral-musk scent
Contains cruelty-free musk
Light eau de toilette
Price: €19,50
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maandag 18 november 2013

The Body Shop Christmas event

The Body Shop always has the best events for bloggers. So much fun and very informative.
 Christmas is on his way and I can wait! For me this was the first Christmas dinner from this year :)
I was looking forward to this event for bloggers.
 As u all know, The Body Shop is committed to the fair trade communtiy. They presented a video from kids who can go to school because a part of the giftboxes goes to this project.
Also there was someone from 'Het babyhuis" who was telling us about that Dutch project.
 Delicious food!
 The giftset I was talking about.
 More gifts!
 We could get a "Tattoo"
 There was a make-up artist who was giving Angela natural smokey eyes. Very pretty!
At the end we did get a very nice goodiebag.  There will be a couple of reviews comming soon about products from The Body Shop.
Thank you so much The Body Shop!
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vrijdag 15 november 2013

December Wishes

December is on his way!  The most cozy month of the year. This year has gone so fast ...
It's been a while since the last wishlist so this is the last one for 2013 ;)

1: THE Chanel bag.. hello do I need to say more?! 2: And this Chanel eyeshadow palette called "Charme" a beauty for the eye ;) 3: I am not a big fan of the Chanel n05 parfume but this bodylotion...
4: This fake-furr vest.. I need this in my life. 5: New nail polishes from Dior! 6: Dior creme de rose. OK I have one like this but I keep buying these like crazy.
7: A dark green hat! 8: New trend: Cut out boots.. like?! 9: I've experienced a lot of cremes last year but I kind a miss this all-time favo.
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woensdag 13 november 2013


Lovers.  I am talking about make-up crushes! Some of the products I am using for a while (some of them for years) and some current lovers.

 Clarins Ever Matt powder.
I love this powder ever since this powder hits my face. My skin can get really shiny during the day and thats one of my main skin problems. It makes my skin completely matt. This powder comes in 3 different colors.. I have the one in my skin-tone. This is my third box.
Bobbi Brown: Rich Chocolate palette.
This beautiful palette with all neutral brown colors became really one of my favorites!
I can use this for my everyday-look because they really suit my skin-tone.
It is a limited edition and I think amost/sold out.
Yves saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine.
I really do like lipsticks from Yves Saint Laurent because they are Always very moisturizing.
No dehydrated lips! And this one is very natural pink because it's so shiny and not very pigmented.
And a must-see  eyecandy for in your bag :)
Chanel Liquid Eyeliner.
The best eyeliner ever, I use this one for years!
Estee Lauder Lip Gloss.
Currently introduced with this lip gloss and I like the pigment. It doesn't feel that nice on the lips but it stays there for quit a while!
Dior Lip Gloss
A big fan can I say! Just descoverd this one and I use this the whole day. Definitely will I buy this again and again. A nude color for everyday.
Chanel les Beiges
Well, this feels like a alltime lover because I use this so much. This powder makes my skin GLOW!
Can not everrrr live without this.
Balmi lip care.
The second one I've bought and really like it. It looks so cute though...
Nars Blush.
How can you not love these? The one I use a lot is this Dolce Vita.
MAC. Blot Powder.
Also a mattifying powder for the face.
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maandag 11 november 2013

Life in Instagram

It has been a while.. so enough to share! What I've been up to lately..
Taking a long and very relaxing bath...
My desk, blogging and my new lovely parfume.
Friday!! everyone loves that day righth? Cakepops.. seriously addictive, healthy green food  and drinks :)
Urban outfitters opening a few weeks ago. And my new coat &bag.
My new favo lipgloss from Dior, my dressoir next to my bed and the new product line from Dermalogica to try!
New products! Magazines, shampoo, powder, Balmi, Shine spray...
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zaterdag 9 november 2013

New In

The perfect treat to yourself when it comes to simple luxury. Which woman does'nt love to cover herself up with Coco mademoiselle bodylotion just before jumping in to bed? Or washing yourself (or hands) with this powdery smelling Allure bath soap?  

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woensdag 6 november 2013

Chanel Christmas 2013: Nuit Infinie

 Oh, hello there! This beautiful make-up collection from Chanel is definitely making my heart beat faster.
Christmas is coming any time soon so you might get some idea's to add some products to your wish-list ;)

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maandag 4 november 2013

Video: October favorites

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