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woensdag 29 januari 2014

Ray-ban Aviator Mirror

  I am so happy with my new Ray-Ban Aviator mirror sunnies!! You can't get around this trend you see this one everywhere. You can wear this in winter but definitely in spring and summer!

I found mine at I ordered my Ray-Ban Aviator there because you definitely get the best price there!
Normally you pay like € 149,- for this model. I got mine at for 115,- You can order a different Aviator model  from €110,-
You see everyone with the blue one (which I also love!!) but I decided to go for this one.
I must honestly say.. In the picture it looked more turquois than really green so you have to think about that. In the first picture I've made you can see the turquois but when you wear it it's actually green. The order came in the next day with everything included. The case etc.
What I specially liked on the website is that you can chat. So when you have question it can be answered right away. Service!

What do you think about the Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror?

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maandag 27 januari 2014

Chanel 2.55, the obsession.

That I'm big sucker for gorgeous bags that's not a secret.  But ohh my.. this obsession about the Chanel 2.55 gets extremer day by day. On my wishlist for over ten years now. But when I really seriously want this bag.. I just need to save money for it. I called with the Chanel boutique the other day to get an indication of the prices. Sweeeet lord. And that's the big problem haha. Saving money? Not really my thing unfortunately .And for how long will that be? So.. am I really doing this? I girl need this in her life right?!
One of my favorite fashionbloggers Jules rocking the classic bag with such a simple outfit.
What do you ladies think?! Did you ever safe money yourself for a designer bag? A few years a go I've bought a Louis Vuitton speedy after a modelling assignment. But is also wasn't thattttt expensive like the Chanel ones. 
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zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Mirror on the streets

It has been a while since I've posted a outfit on my blog. I love beauty don't get me wrong! But fashion is also a part of my blog. Lucky me that my roomie can photograph very well :)
When spring arrives and it's a bit warmer outside I promise to get more looks on the blog.
Coat: Urban Outfitters | Blouse Aaiko | Leather look pants: DC style | Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy | Boots:
Eiffel tower necklace: Maison Scotch (Scotch and Soda)
Sunnies: Ray-Ban mirror at
Watch: Michael Kors| Black nail polish (gel-look) Pupa Milano | Tattoo: Amor Fati
So let me know what u think!
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vrijdag 24 januari 2014



Have a nice weekend everyone!

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donderdag 23 januari 2014

Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask

As a Sisley lover it was time for me to try something new. Now that it's winter my skin is very dehydrated and I can use something that give my skin some extra moisturizing boost!
The last few months I've tried the Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask.
 The Express Flower Gel is a very fresh, moisturizing, and toning cream-gel mask specifically designed for dehydrated, sagging, or tired-looking skin. Through its exceptional concentration of moisturizing active ingredients (lily and iris extracts), it regenerates (organic sesame extract), hydrates, tones, removes traces of fatigue and stress, smoothes features, and evens the complexion in just 3 minutes.
Two to three times a week, apply to clean, dry skin on the face and neck, including the eye contour. Allow to remain on the skin for 3 minutes, then wipe away the excess. It is not necessary to rinse. 
I'm really loving this mask. Sisley is always so soft for the skin (never aggressive) and my skin always feel better afterword's. A healthy looking hydrated skin.
* White Lily: hydrates, softens
* Sesame: hydrates, protects, and regenerates
* Rose: Freshens, softens, astringent
* Iris: softens, tones
Price: € 95,00 (60 ml)
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woensdag 22 januari 2014

Style Inspiration

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dinsdag 21 januari 2014

With love from Ibiza bracelet CForClassy

I'm so happy with my new "With love from Ibiza" bracelet that I've received from
 I definitely see big trend coming up next season! Wearing it single or in combination with more armcandy.. I love it.
 You can custom-made your own bracelet. I've chosen for " Live your life" because you have to enjoy your life the way you like it to be!  I love rose-gold so I went for that color.
You can decide what you like. " Carpe diem, never give op, let love rule or someone's name.
 As you all know I am a big Ibiza lover! I miss it. Would love to go back soon :) I've heard that they sell this bracelets on the hippy market. (I didn't see it back then)
And it seems that I'm not the only fan of the bracelets. Famous people (in The Netherlands) like Doutzen Kroes, Danie Bles, Leontine Borsato and Maria Tailor love them to.
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maandag 20 januari 2014

Life in Instagram

Happy Friday! Always loving the weekend | The best dinner ever! At a good friend | Throwback Thursday Ibiza! 

 Another TBT backstage models | Loving my new All Stars! (for summer) | Running.. Love the few and the sun.
 OMG I think I am Moroccanoil addicted | Totally in-to this Eve Lom cleanser right now | Editing a youtube video.
 I want this sunnies, so cute! | Details of my look | Make-up on my desk creating a look
Fire!! I love it oh so cozy | Hahaha This is so ME! | Food :) | Me and a friend went out for some nice food and a good talk.
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zondag 19 januari 2014

Wanna buy my Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses? (For the dutchies)

Hi Ladies!
Ik verkoop mijn originele Dolce & Gabanna zonnebril. Ik wil een nieuwe kopen, deze heb ik enkele keren gedragen. Alles zit erbij zoals je kunt zien.Gekocht bij Grevings & Grevings opticiens. De aankoopbon heb ik overigens ook nog!  Alleen serieus bieden. Mogelijk om de bril bij mij op te halen of verzenden kan ook.
  Voor vragen kun je me mailen! ( hij staat ook op Marktplaats)
80 euro :)!


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New in

It's the perfect cardigan for summer!! I LOVE IT! I ran in to this by coincidence. I know summer is farr away.. but I do have butterflies.. butterflies to the sun! I can wait till that season is coming.
So the first item for summer is a fact. Nice with a short, allstars and a white t-shirt.

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zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Inspiration Spell Designs "Wild heart"

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