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maandag 10 november 2014


 Say hello to these gorgeous reds! 
All three of them comes from the 80s. Specially for the fans they have launched these as a limited edition again. As an absolute red-nail lover I was very happy to get my hands on them!

When I was a kid and my sisters friends painted my nails for the first time it was on red. (No Chanel though) From that day I was in love! My mom thought I was to young for it and let me wear this just for ones (I can't even remember how old I was I think about 10 maybe)
And now I'm like: I can never have enough reds. 

 LE VERNIS 71 Laque Rouge. Classic and thats why I loveeeee this one. You can wear this at every age. Rater it's your first nail polish or your last ;)

 LE VERNIS 19 Rouge N°19. A more pink kind of red with a blue undertone.
Cherry-red is the best prescription. 

LE VERNIS 38 Rouge Flamboyant. Fire-red. A kind of more orange/red.

price: €23,- Only available at the Chanel boutique.

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  1. Mooie lakjes! Die die het meest naar roze neigt vind ik het mooist :)