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zondag 5 april 2015


Curls! A lot of work.. but I sure can't live without them. Everyday is different.
I always use a mousse but mostly Nivea or Loreal. But now that I use the "Curladdict" from Medavita my curls are perfect! A stronger hold than the others do, better for the scalp, I love the shine and it smells so good!

The Curladdict range has more products:

Medium hold mousse €20,-

Why I love Medavita
The organic and natural hair Medavita brand was founded 50 years ago in Italy. The brand is known for its natural formulas with essential oils and pure plant extracts.
 My scalp can be a bit irritated when I bouild up products.

You can find more information about Medavita and the products on the website:

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