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zaterdag 15 augustus 2015


Although we're half way trough summer I didn't had any new summer fragrance.
You know like every year you want a new one when spring/summer arrives.
Floral, fresh and feminine. And that is exactly what this eau the toilette from L' Occitane is!

Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Eau de toilette is a truly precious and unexpected fragrance from La Collection de Grasse. It blends white iris from the Mediterranean contrasting its evanescent sweetness with the intensity of the blue Iris Pallida from Grasse.

This silky shower gel gently cleanses the skin leaving it delicately fragranced with an unexpected and velvety scent, born of the union of two precious iris.

Eau the toilette €56,- Shower gel €14,50
There are more products available in this range.

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