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maandag 9 november 2015


Chanel! I always so much looking forward to the Christmas collections and specially when it's Chanel of course. This year I am showing you 2 items out of the Rouge Noir Absolument collection.
It's a very autumny / winter color and this particular color was on my wishlist.
Chanel Rouge Noir is a true legend in the history of the brand. In 1995 the color was introduced on the catwalk: black with a hint of red. In the United States the color was first called "Vamp", but it was soon Rouge Noir. Now, in 2015, Rouge Noir is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

I've added two layers on my nails.

As you can see you don't really see the pigment because of my black lashes. In the light or sun you can see it a bit more!
Available from november.

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