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donderdag 3 maart 2016


Look at these gorgeous colors! Lots of pinks which I love ofcourse.
Yves Rocher has a new collection full of lip crayons.
The sheabutter makes the lips very soft and it adds a little tint on the lips. Also perfect on top of a high pigmented lipstick which is a bit dry, I like them for spring

Enhance your smile thanks to the Radiant Lip Crayon. Its moisturizing texture melts on the lips and sublimes them with bright colors. This spring, it is available in 6 new shades -3 pink and 3 red - for irresistible lips. Use without moderation!

Mauve Tendre, Rose Somptueux, Rouge Bordeaux, Rouge Aquarelle, Rouge Flamboyant, Pourpre Lumineux

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