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woensdag 17 augustus 2016


New in! Davines Oi All in One Milk is a rich and nourishing multi-benefit leave in treatment spray. 
Suitable for all hair types. I love to use this when I have curls or when I have straightened my hair.
It moisturizes my hair and makes it shine. The smell of the product is amazing!
Ok lets be honest of course I used manyyyyy products to get my hair straight like this you all know that. But this product definitely makes a difference. Oh and btw... my hair is a bit darker again have you noticed?

adds shine
adds softness and silkiness
has an excellent detangling power
facilitates combing of dry and wet hair
controls frizz
has an exceptional conditioning effect
gives body without weighing hair down
moisturizes hair
facilitates blow drying
heat protection
provides a longer-lasting hairstyle

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