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donderdag 8 december 2016


Love luxurious candles! Marc Ibane is known for their famous natural tanning spray (which I love! ) but they now launch a different (unexpected?!) product: A small selection of scented candles.
The ingredients are minimalistic and the quality is high. 

Each candle is manufactured in a traditional way and precisely hand-poured in layers to blend the wax and the fragrance evenly until the end of the burning time.

You have 3 options: , Pastèque Ananas, Tabac Cuir and Scandy Chic. Then you can choose if you like a black or a white glass. Both classic but I went for white. That suits the fragrance if you ask me.
Now that the winter is starting I love burning candles. This is also a perfect gift for the holiday's!
 The price is €55,-  

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