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donderdag 29 september 2016


1+2+3: Well it has been a while but you all know I've been to Italy for a beautiful wedding! It was seriously a fairy tail. We went to Rome for a new days and after that to Perugia. I was around 30 weeks pregnant so it became a bit harder to do so much as possible. Flights/traveling, walking around all day, the heat... you name it. But I'm glad I went because it was great! And the Italian icecreams?.. AHHHH , could write an whole article about that haha.
4+5 wedding location= insane...  Doesn't Jorus look handome in this picture? #love 6: Selfie
7:Washing the baby clothes for the first time. 8+9: Babyshower! Had so much fun! Love for all the people who were there.
10: Autumn is just around the corner.. Time  to light my favorite candles again! 11+ 12: working on this autumn beauty look for you guys.


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dinsdag 27 september 2016


 A few weeks  ago I've ordered a basket from Riviera Maison. It fits perfectly at the end of the bathtub and its gorgeous. Time to re-organize and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what's in it. Mostly on Sundays I create a whole little spa for myself. Just for an hour or two.. enjoying myself and pampering to the fullest.
Bath Soaps. They just look so cute and make the bathroom smell lovely! It's almost a shame to use them also because there not cheap but I have finished my Allure one a while ago. I like to save these as new.. for as long as possible. let's see how that works out ;)
Chanel no5 and COCO mademoiselle
 Luxurious scented candles, I got such a thing for them! This " Loose Lips" from By Redo is seriously amazing. It smells like lipstick and when your in the bath with a mask on your skin and in your hair it's the best moment in life haha!

COCO NOIR from Chanel stole my heart. I love to layer with these products. Bath foam, body lotion and when I'm done bathing some parfume.
Of course I want to get out of the bath with in instant glow on my face. I love this one from Sisley.
Its the Radiant Glow Expresss Mask. I just keep it on for 15 minutes.
Bath salts! I love the whole stress relieve range from Aveda. It smells lovely and it brings down the stress right away..
Chanel showergel or bathfoam is the perfect treat.. If you ever want to spoil your lady.. just sayin ;)

Rituals Heavenly Hammam. My boyfriend like this a lot because of the eucalyptus fragrance in it.
Oil is always nice to have in the bath! It leaves your skin so moisturized afterwords. 
Also nice when you have a cold! Populair in the wintertimes ;)
Diptyque Voilette is a candle I took with me the last time we were in Paris at the Diptyque store.
When I am not in the bath it stands in our toilet. More as decoration ;) 

Well, I hope you liked to see my favorite bath products!

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zondag 25 september 2016


I am a big fan of the Kure Bazaar polishes! A few I've bought at Skins Cosmetics, a few in Paris and a few received. The chic slick bottles, the quality... The selection of colors to choose from. I would like to show you my favorites:
From left to right:
Kerna, Essenziale, Glam, Vinyle, Queen, Kale and Khol.

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vrijdag 23 september 2016


Oh hi there! I am 8 months pregnant right now and I thought it would be fun to give you guys a quick update.
Lets start with the fact that I feel great! Time went by so fast and I can't wait to welcome her.

The first trimester
From other woman I've heard that the first 3 months are hell.. feeling nauseous, tired and insecure.
I had nothing from all that.  I felt great! My blood pressure was kind of low so feeling a bit dizzy in the morning was something that was a little bit annoying but thats all. Oh and sometimes I felt like taking a little nap in the afternoon after work ;)

The second trimester:
More energy and you could not see anything yet! At the end of this trimester you saw people looking at my belly like... is she pregnant or just a bit fat? Well it was only (and still is) my belly that came in weight. We could tell everyone about our little secret that we had for weeks!

The third and last trimester:
Still going strong! Feeling a bit more tired but still as good as normal. The off-side is that I have gestational diabetes we just find out. So a diet and checking my blood sugars a few times a day is what I am doing now. I only came 9 kilo's extra in weight so thats normal for a pregnancy.

So I  am looking back on this pregnancy very enthusiastic. I felt myself shining all the time and didn't suffer from hormones or weird cravings. I would do it all again if it would be the same!
You never know how it will go and it's all about bad of good luck!

One month left! We are so excited and curious how she would look like.
I feel her so much in my belly.. sometimes it hurts haha!
Kicking and playing.. sometimes my whole belly is dancing around.

Hope you enjoyed my little update. Will update again when she is here!

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donderdag 22 september 2016


 Sometimes you just feel like treating yourself. That could be your favorite meal, a day at the spa..
But shopping always work for me and specially when its something from Chanel.
I've heard a lot about their new long lasting nail polishes. I love their nail polish fro years but lest be honest they were not very long lasting. Especially " Blue Satin" was gone on two days and thats one of my favorite. Time for a change! I am very in-to nudes these days  so I felt for " Organdi".
Perfect, just perfect. See the color on the nails.
So this was the perfect way to give myself a little treat the other day.

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dinsdag 20 september 2016


 I would like to share this great experience I recently had. Talking about my babyshower!
My younger sister was so sweet to organize this event and all my dear beloved female friends and sisters were there. And of course my mom. Had a great time and got so spoiled!

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donderdag 15 september 2016


 My one and only favorite beautystore had a press day. It's always nice to see whats coming in stores for the next season. Like to give you a quick impression! 
Diptyque Paris. A new candle that smells like French Magdalena's! And the woman brought fresh Magdalena's from Paris, yum.

Laura Mercier has so many great new holliday launches. 
Pick out a name yourself! And I can tell you I am a big fan Already.
Widian by AJ Arabia. Parfume from the middle east! 
Susanne Kaufmann. Never tried anything from this brand before yet. The best advent  calender I can tell you! 

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donderdag 8 september 2016


I am very excited for this new launch of skincare products from Sisley!
It's perfect for my age and skin so I am hooked at this moment. I am talking about the Tropical Resins collection. There are 3 products I am telling you more about.

My skin is quit clear but..break outs come and go.
At this moment they are more hormonal than random because of my pregnancy but I must say I can not complain at all.Only a few and once in a while. But of course better non so I like to use products that keeps my skin as clear as possible. But no heavy products because that is not necessary.
When my skin is a bit out of control I use the products and my skin gets clean right away.
I am obsessed with the smell of these products btw!

Serum Intensif
Highly concentrated in purifying key ingredients, the Intensive Serum provides visible effectiveness: 
- it intensely purifies the skin and significantly reduces shiny areas (extracts of Benzoin, Java Tea, Burdock and Meadowsweet).
- it unclogs pores and refines the skin texture (Salicylic Acid).
- it visibly diminishes imperfections due to the soothing properties of Incense and Myrrh extracts and D-Panthenol. 
Rebalanced, skin quality is clearly improved. After 7 days, imperfections are significantly reduced. 
Non comedogenic.

Daily or targeted use of the Tropical Resins collection considerably improves and addresses skin imperfections and blemishes.

Gentle Cleansing Gel
A purifying, gel cleanser that soothes and protects the skin. The purifying and softening actions of the Tropical Resins are enhanced by the moisturizing properties of the Marshmallow extract. Perfectly clean, the skin is able to "breathe", impurities and excess sebum are eliminated, the pores are cleansed. The complexion's freshness and luminosity are restored.
Soap-free. Non-comedogenic.


Mattifying moisturizing skincare.
Ideal daily skin care for combination to oily skin, the Mattifying Moisturizing Skin Care acts on 3 levels: 
- a moisturizing action for all-day comfort (Marshmallow extract).
- an immediate and long-lasting mattifying action (Bamboo powder and Java Tea extract).
- a purifying and astringent action, for clearer-looking skin and a fresher complexion (extracts of Benzoin, Burdock and Lady's Mantle leaf).
Lastingly mattified and intensely purified, skin is rebalanced and visibly clearer. Shine is controlled. Moisturized and comfortable all day long, the skin is softer and more luminous. 
Oil free. Non-comedogenic.

Now Available.

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maandag 5 september 2016


 Sisley is launching 3 new phyto lip twists. A different shape and one transparant! 
Take a look.
The colors: 16 sheer, 18 tango and 17 kiss.

I'm wearing 17 kiss in this photo. I must say, when there is less light the color looks more red-ish than pink. This photo is taken with a flash so now it looks more pink.

Available this month.

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donderdag 1 september 2016


Chloé Eyelet-embellished Tasseled Wool, Silk And Cashmere-blend Scarf | Max Mara Gas cashmere wrap coat | Equipment Sloane cashmere sweater | Janessa Leone Women's Lea Wide-Brim Fedora | 
Isabel Marant Étoile 'Adams' faux fur coat | Chloé Faye medium leather and suede shoulder bag | Tom Ford Beauty Eye Colour Quads | Miu Miu Suede Pumps | Sans Souci Blank nyc boyfriend jeans | Chanel coco noir Eau de Parfum Spray

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