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donderdag 26 januari 2017


I've got so many things/moments to share with you guys!

1: The BEST chocolate cake ever! I really found my drive again when it comes to blogging. I bit more time now when she sleeps more. 2: Selfie.. +1 for the good hairdays! I found myself 6 moments from when she was born for blow drying my hair! So lets celebrate these moments. 3: My favo shoes for summertimes. 4: Is'nt she pretty here? I can't help myself making so many pictures every day haha. 5: Walking around with Jolie in the Vondelpark. 6: NYE! Not as spectaculair as the last years but very special with the 3 of us at home. 7: These sandwiches with chicken and avocado..  8: This picture and moment makes me so happy. One of her first smiles! 9: Cocktails with a friend!
10: I love this picture from her. 11: Zara sale!! I love these new pink items. A few new jackets and some more. 12: This cute outfit.. 13: Jolie in her Stokke chair. 14: Walking around with the little one. 15: Goodhairdays.
16: Trowback from this summer. Love the braids, highlighter and pink lips. 17: Detox sunday! 18: My new jeans. 19: Another photo from NYE. Champagne and "oliebollen'. To die for! 20: Her first roadtrip. First to both our families. And can you see her outfit?! My mom made her that sweater!! Love it so much. 21: Her first Christmas! Cuteness overload. 22: Candles 23: Her cute outfit. All Zara mini. 24: CUTE!

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  1. Wat een leuke foto's! Je hebt een prachtige dochter! Leuk je te ontmoeten afgelopen donderdag en hoe was je 1e dag op de nieuwe job? Liefs